2021 NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana Scholarship 

We want to welcome you to our chapter's scholarship page!

Applications for our 2021 NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana Scholarship will open in June. 

Last year we gave out $3,000 in scholarships to talented journalists in San Diego, and this year we hope to help many more. If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so on our GoFundMe page

Our scholarship program is open to any college and university students in San Diego County and Tijuana, Mexico pursuing journalism careers in English and Spanish language media (TV, print, radio, digital, and photojournalism). 

Scholarship application checklist (listed in the application form) include:
  • Being an NAHJ member, you can sign up HERE  and add "San Diego Pro" as your home chapter
  • One-page resume 
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Work sample. (If you do not have any published work, submit a story based on your area of interest.) 
  • Unofficial school transcript or proof of enrollment 
  • Essay on why you are pursuing a career in journalism. Maximum 500 words. 
***If you were previously awarded this scholarship, please explain why you should be considered as a second-time recipient.

Scholarships recipients will be chosen from our scholarship subcommittee and scholarship partners. The scholarship selection process will be done without knowing the applicant's name and gender, to ensure fairness.
Our goal is to help local Latinos, those that believe there should be more Latinos in news, and tell better stories about Latinos in news, both in English and Spanish.

Gracias and good luck!

Member Committee
Mario Cortez, multi-media journalist
Luis Cruz, community & public relations directors at The San Diego Union-Tribune
Suzy Garcia, public relations directors Scatena Daniels
Adriana Heldiz, assistant digital manager at Voice of San Diego
David Hernandez, reporter at The San Diego Union-Tribune
Andrea Lopez-Villafana, reporter at The San Diego Union-Tribune
Carlos Rico, multi-media freelance journalist
Samantha Rivera, sports reporter for Fox 5 San Diego

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