Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2019 Call to Action

Hello everyone! It is that time of year again to open up chapter board nominations. 

We are looking to fill chapter president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and social media manager (description and responsibilities of each position are below). 

This is a great way to give back, mentor, learn more about NAHJ on the national level, and add to your resume. If you are a current board member you can run again for your same seat or a different position.

If you would like to be apart of the board please send us a short bio, and include why you are running and which of the four positions you are interested in running for.

All positions are voluntary for one-year and only require 2-5 hours a month of service. Officers work together to plan monthly chapter events for our local members via email/text and meet once a month a month for board meeting.

You can apply if your NAHJ membership is current and a working professional journalist. You cannot be an associate member and be on the board.

If you are interested in dedicating time to our local chapter as a boardmember -- please email nahjsandiego@gmail.com by Sunday, July 14.

Elections will be held July 17-26 online, and the new board will be announced July 29. Only current NAHJ members can vote.

Not a member yet or need to renew? You can do so here: https://nahj.memberclicks.net/
2019 Chapter Position Descriptions

The President of the chapter is responsible for directing the activities of the chapter,
subject to the oversight of the Chapter Board, and shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter
Board and be present at all chapter events. The president leads the chapter board to plan monthly events, sends monthly newsletters and writes an annual report to the NAHJ headquarters.

Vice President:
This VP attends all NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana events and board meetings, helps organize monthly events, and is in charge of updating social media pages. The VP also takes the lead at all events and fills in for the chapter president when he/she cannot fulfill his/her duties. The VP also is in charge of checking-in attendees at events.

The Treasurer is responsible for all of the financial activities of the chapter, including the collection and distribution of chapter funds upon receipt or proper direction or authorization and sends money to NAHJ headquarters. This individual attends all NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana events and board meetings, helps organize monthly events and is in charge of collecting money from members at events for fundraising.

The Secretary attends all NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana events and board meetings, helps organize monthly events, and takes minutes during NAHJ meetings. They also post chapter news and events our chapter’s blog and creates associated all non-financial records such as flyers for events.

Social Media Manager:
This person is will be in charge of posting all chapter news and events on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. They will also create flyers, hashtags and associated content to drive engagement to our social media pages.